2:30 – 4:00 – You and We: Next Steps in Addressing Educator Presenteeism

In this whole group session, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on learning and sharing from the day.    The facilitated conversation will include presentation on a model for human development, and development of shared objectives and strategies for the group.

Facilitator: Paul Bernabei, Co-Owner/Co-Founder/Senior Facilitator/Author/Director, Top 20 Training

Paul Bernabei directs Top 20 Training and has been leading the initiative to transform American education and bring Top 20 to schools around the world. Paul travels the U.S. presenting Top 20 Training seminars. He has been an educator in Twin Cities schools for over 30 years, has conducted hundreds of retreats for youth and adults. A graduate of St. John’s University and the University of St. Thomas, Paul and his wife Paula, a retired kindergarten teacher, have four daughters and thirteen grandchildren. They live in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Location: Assembly room


1:00 – 2:30 – Exploring and Developing Educator Presenteeism

In this whole group workshop, participants will have an opportunity to co-create objectives for long-term, sustainable, and measurable change in educator Presenteeism.  Building off of learning and sharing from the morning breakout sessions, this activity-based workshop will ask participants to dive deep into generative questions that will help clarify a path for action within their individual districts, as well as for the group as a whole.  Sharing perspectives on topics such as: “who is affected by educator absences?” and “what measures would best communicate the impact of Presenteeism?” will propel attendees’ engagement through the afternoon.


Learning outcomes:

  • Raise awareness of main stakeholders affected by absence in schools
  • Articulate questions for stakeholders in consideration of Presenteeism
Location: Assembly room


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10:30 – 11:45 – Principal panel: developing and supporting strong supervisors and instructional leaders

Developing and supporting capable managers remains one of the most important and urgent responsibilities for school HR leaders.  How can you remain curious about the perspective and experiences of Principals that have front-line responsibility for employee attendance?

This panel discussion with principals from area schools is designed to remind and inspire you to think about the challenges they face, and how you can support them with coaching, information, and tools.  Imagine sharing ideas about organized professional development for managers, tips for situational coaching (e.g., “how to say ‘no'”), or suggestions on where contract language becomes an impediment to effective relationships.


Facilitator: TBD


Location: Assembly Room

10:30 – 11:45 – Absences in MN: actionable insights from our data

This session will raise the awareness regarding the cause, number, and trend of absences in Minnesota districts with a focus on those that are professionally-related.  Cydney Miller from Frontline Education will dive deeper into the relationship between the Human Resources and Curriculum & Instruction functions that drive professionally-related absences. Finally, Cydney will present Frontline’s recommendations for decreasing the cost of professionally-related absences based on study of thousands of districts from across the country.


Presenter: Cydney Miller, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Senior Human Capital Management Solutions ConsultantFrontline Education
Prior to working with Fronline Education, Cydney Miller served as the Human Resources Director for the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, a district with over 30,000 students and 39 sites in Clarksville, TN . In her nine years at CMCSS, Cydney was responsible for all HR functions, including maintaining compliance with ACA, FMLA, FLSA and EEOC. She was also responsible for staffing, discipline, budgeting and strategic planning. 

Location: Breakout Conference room N1-051
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9:00 – 10:15 – Anoka’s employee engagement survey in-depth: connecting engagement to Presenteeism

Employees that are engaged are employees that are fully present for work.  And, teachers that are engaged inspire engagement in their students.

The mechanism for understanding the engagement of employees in your district, the engagement survey, is a standard tool that often receives a cursory review and is then set aside, if one is even administered at all.    But, what would happen if districts were to intentionally connect information about engagement, including building/department culture, with steps to impact employee attendance and inform change initiatives?

In this session, Dr. Johnna Rohmer-Hirt, Director of Research, Evaluation, and Testing, will describe the investment that Anoka-Hennepin has made into its employee engagement survey.  And, importantly, the returns it has seen by using that data to make a difference.


Presenter: Dr. Johnna Rohmer-Hirt, Director of Research, Evaluation, and Testing, Anoka-Hennepin Schools


Location: Breakout Conference room N1-051
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9:00 – 10:15 – Breaking down planning silos: developing district-wide partnerships for managing professional absences

Sites and departments that collaborate with one another, and the district, are a necessary part of any district that effectively manages “controllable” teacher absences.  Simple practices for communication and tools to share information are at the heart of reducing disruption to student learning for absences requiring a substitute.

In this session, Sarah Kriewall, Director of Employee Services will describe the efforts and activities in Anoka-Hennepin that have broken down silos to raise awareness of the impact of granting employees leave and invited district leaders to shift from a mindset of “how do we find enough subs?” to “how can we keep teachers in the classroom?”.  Sarah will highlight the importance of educating administrators on their role and accountability, and also share supporting tools derived from the Frontline Absence Management system.

The group will be asked to consider the types of challenges and opportunities that emerge to collaborate to break down silos between neighboring districts.

Presenter: Sarah Kreiwall, MPA, Director of Employee Services, Anoka-Hennepin Public Schools

Location: Assembly Room
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