is a district-led organization committed to developing shared understanding and working towards solutions that support present and engaged educators in the state of Minnesota and beyond.

We take the term “presenteeism” to be the opposite of absenteeism, meaning: the state of being engaged, highly-attendant and attentive in the workplace. 

We believe that engaged teachers inspire engagement in their students and, therefore, a fundamental responsibility of independent school districts is the care, consideration, and support of educators and building administrators. was created in June 2018 in conjunction with the development of the 2018 Summer Educator Presenteeism Symposium, held July 26, 2018.  The Symposium is a first-of-its-kind event organized and produced by Minnesota districts with the specific aim of connecting Human Resources professionals from schools with one another to develop a shared understanding of the impact of educator absences, learn best practices of tracking and mitigating the cost of absences, and create a shared vision for solutions that involve all stakeholders that benefit from present and engaged educators. is provided and supported by Christopher Hoehn and VitaminK12, LLC.